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Submission guidelines

Submit by section

During the submission process for Microbiome, we ask that authors submit their manuscript to a specified section as outlined below. This is to facilitate assessment and review of submitted manuscripts. The sections are headed by an Editor-in-Chief or Senior Editor, specializing in that subject.

1. Gut microbiomes and Immunology
2. Genital, skin, oral microbiomes
3. Respiratory microbiomes
4. Other human microbiomes
5. Novel Methodological approaches (including meta-omics)
6. Bioinformatics: algorithms and software
7. Animal microbiomes
8. Plant microbiomes
9. Environmental microbiomes
10. Built-environment microbiomes

Introducing video bytes to Microbiome

At Microbiome, we are always looking to help authors promote their research. We are pleased to announce that all authors submitting to the journal from 11th July 2019 shall receive a video byte of their manuscript, should it go on to be accepted for publication in Microbiome.

Created by our partners, Research Square, a video byte is a 1-2 minute video summary of a paper that will be incorporated into the abstract of the paper and published on the journal website. Authors will also receive a shareable version of their video byte.

Our 3-step submission process

  1. Before you submit

    Now you’ve identified a journal to submit to, there are a few things you should be familiar with before you submit.

  2. Ready to submit

    To give your manuscript the best chance of publication, follow these policies and formatting guidelines.

  3. Submit and promote

    After acceptance, we provide support so your article gains maximum impact in the scientific community and beyond.

    Please note that manuscript can only be submitted by an author of the manuscript and may not be submitted by a third party. 

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