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Senior Editor: Tong Zhang

Manuscripts submitted to the "Resistome" section will further our knowledge for better management of current and future antimicrobials as an essential resource for human being, including but not limited to the diversity and abundance of resistance genes in different sectors (human, animal, and environment) under the “One Health” concept, the mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer and the driving force, evolution and interactions of resistance genes with their hosts/carriers in the context of microbiome stability and dynamics under the various selection pressures, especially those related to anthropogenic activities. ​

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© Image by Arek Socha from PixabayAntimicrobial resistance and the microbiome

A cross-journal series examining at the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes in the environment.

Manuscript transfer service:

Manuscripts submitted to this section that do not meet the threshold for Microbiome may be offered a transfer to one of our sister journals Animal Microbiome, Environmental Microbiome or BMC Microbiology.