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Featured collection: Neonatal microbiome restoration

More data needed on neonatal microbiome seeding

W. Florian Fricke and Jacques Ravel
Microbiome 2022 10:88
Published on: 10 June 2022

Should we modulate the neonatal microbiome and what should be the goal?

Niels van Best, Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, Mathias W. Hornef, Eldin Jašarević, Katri Korpela and Trevor D. Lawley
Microbiome 2022 10:74
10 May 2022

Open Collections

Food security and sustainability from a microbiology perspective

New Content ItemA cross journal collection that will cover various aspects of maintaining or enhancing food production, sustainability and security from a microbiology perspective.

Engineering Microbiomes for Green Technologies

New Content ItemA cross journal collection that will cover recent advancements in the understanding of evolution of microbiome consortia, the latest signature microbiome-based development, and biotechnological solutions for sustainable environmental management and bioproduction systems in the wake of emerging challenges, including climate change.

Retroviruses & the Microbiome 

A cross journal collection to bring together new original research  and cutting-edge reviews of new insights into the mechanistic basis for interactions between microbial components of the microbiome across species, retroviruses and microbial niches.    

Life at the extreme

Yellowstone Park - Credit: "Jurvetson" via Flickr, under a CC-BY license.A cross-journal series looking at the mechanistic adaptation of any species which thrive in extreme environments.

The microbiota-gut-brain axis

New Content ItemThis cross-journal collection brings together both human and animal studies covering all aspects of the microbiota-gut-brain axis’ role in health and disease, as well as its therapeutic potential.


Closed to submissions

Microbiomes of open water and coastal pelagic environments

New Content ItemA cross journal collection gathering latest research on microbiomes in open water and coastal pelagic environments.

Integrative multi-omics approaches to elucidate microbiome dynamics and ecosystem processes

New Content ItemShowcasing multi-omics techniques that are transforming microbial ecology and microbiome research across diverse domains.

Antimicrobial resistance and the microbiome

© Image by Arek Socha from PixabayA cross-journal series examining at the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes in the environment.

Microbiome and cancer

New Content ItemA cross journal collection examining the microbiome in relation to cancer

The prenatal in utero microbiome controversy

Aeronautics and space microbiomes

International Space Station © Public domainIn this special series in Microbiome and 
Environmental Microbiome, we highlight articles that explore the microbiome of aeronautics and space. 

JPL's Biotechnology and Planetary Protection Group: Special Collection

Edited by: Lynn Schriml

Host-microbiota interactions: from holobiont theory to analysis

Edited by: Julian Marchesi, Christophe Mougel, Marc-André Selosse, Jean-Christophe Simon

Microbiome of the Built Environment (MoBE) 2017: Research to Application

Edited by: Lynn Schriml and Christopher Mason

Microbiology of the Built Environment

Edited by: Jack A Gilbert and Brent Stephens

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