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Environmental microbiome: Water

Senior Editor: Joy Watts

Manuscripts submitted to this section should contribute to novel insights and provide a potential ‘step-change’ in our understanding of the mechanics behind the formation, function and response of microbiomes in all aquatic environments (but not within aquatic vegetation, or animals themselves). We are also keen to receive manuscripts relating to the effect of pollution on aquatic microbiomes and studies focusing on the bioremediation of polluted water systems by microbial communities. However, studies derived from statistical analyses of observations (including “predictive” metagenomic tools) are expected to be verified using measurements and relevant experimentation. More observational or descriptive surveys will be offered consideration in our sister journal Environmental Microbiome.

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Manuscript Transfer Service

Where appropriate, manuscripts that do not meet the standards or requirements for Microbiome may be offered a transfer to our sister journal Environmental Microbiome. Any peer-review reports will be transferred along with the manuscript to expedite decisions.