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Table 1 Protists identified as putative hub taxa within the rhizosphere networks from the Sandy Loam (red box) and Clay Loam (yellow box) sites

From: Protist diversity and community complexity in the rhizosphere of switchgrass are dynamic as plants develop

  1. Hub taxa are module hubs and connectors which are identified based on their within-module connectivity (Zi > 2.5) and among-module connectivity (Pi > 0.62). Their removal from their corresponding networks may cause modules and networks to disassemble. Boxes filled in red color correspond to times in which a protist was identified as keystone element of a rhizosphere network from the Sandy Loam site while yellow filled box correspond to keystone groups at the Clay Loam site. T1 to T5 indicate the different sampling times. Feeding/nutrition preferences are indicated based on published reports (see materials and methods) for protists identified at the genus level. b bacterivore, e eukaryvore, o omnivore (feeds on bacteria and protists), ph photoautotroph, m mixotroph, pp plant pathogen