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Table 1 Results of pairwise PERMANOVA analyses of Canberra distance between treatment groups

From: Daylight exposure modulates bacterial communities associated with household dust

Contrast Total/living R 2 adj. P
Dark-visible Total 0.111 0.002
Dark-UV Total 0.11 0.002
Visible-UV Total 0.032 0.043
Dark-visible Living 0.072 0.002
Dark-UV Living 0.066 0.002
Visible-UV Living 0.031 0.099
  1. RSV features were weighted by their log101+x-transformed absolute abundances. The Contrast column indicates the pair of factor levels to which the statistics refer, and Total/living designates whether analysis was of the total (i.e., no PMA treatment) or living (i.e., PMA treated) components of the communities. Model results are provided in the R2 and Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted P values columns