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Table 1 Performances of SRC_c

From: A de novo approach to disentangle partner identity and function in holobiont systems

   Time(hh:mm:ss) Memory (Gb)
Cnidaria-Dinophyta holobiont (M1) All symbionts library (M1a) 15:40:42 34.2
Symbiodinium spp. library (M1b) 01:34:57 6.96
Other symbionts library (M1c) 15:08:45 33.7
Host library 01:06:56 3.9
Porifera-Bacteria holobiont (M2) Symbionts library 21:04:47 58.9
Host library 02:46:06 9.60
Radiolaria-Dinophyta holobiont (M3) Symbionts library 07:05:28 4.10
Host library 00:05:57 3.9
  1. Memory peak and wallclock time of SRC_c indexing and query steps on the several data sets for models M1, M2, and M3