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Erratum: Gut resistome development in healthy twin pairs in the first year of life

The Original Article was published on 25 June 2015

In our original published manuscript entitled “Gut resistome development in healthy twin pairs in the first year of life” [1], the legends for Figures 4 and 5 were incorrectly transposed.

The correct legend for Figure 4 should read “β-lactam phylogenetic tree, annotated by study subject. Maternal subjects are marked with an “M”. Infant fecal samples are marked with a number; “1” indicating the first (baseline) sample collected at 1–2 months of age, “2” indicating the second sample collected at 6–7 months of age, and “3” indicating the third sample collected at 11 months of age. The antibiotic-naïve control family is colored green, the family with infants discordant for amoxicillin exposure at 8 months of age is colored purple, and the family with infants concordant for amoxicillin exposure at 8 months of age is colored brown. Infant twin A subjects are shaded darker; twin B subjects are shaded lighter. β-lactamases were commonly present in both members of a twin pair, and frequently persisted at more than one timepoint within a given subject. Many β-lactamases identified in the infant fecal microbiomes were not present in the maternal microbiome.”

The correct legend for Figure 5 should read “Populations of chloramphenicol resistance proteins change over time. Predicted proteins found when fecal metagenomic libraries were screened on chloramphenicol-containing media were collapsed into 97 % ID clusters. Black boxes signify genes encoding a resistance protein that were identified in the fecal metagenome of a study subject at a given timepoint, while white or light gray squares indicate that the protein was not present. Proteins that were co-localized with a mobile genetic element are marked with an asterisk. Chloramphenicol acetyltransferases were found in all mothers and in five of the six infants at the final timepoint, but were qualitatively less common in infants at earlier timepoints. By contrast, multidrug efflux pumps were rare in mothers and in 11-month-old infants, but were commonly found in earlier samples”.

The name of the co-author “I. Malick Ndao” was also incorrectly transposed as “Malick I. Ndao”.

We regret these errors, which have been corrected.


  1. Moore AM, Ahmadi S, Patel S, Gibson MK, Wang B, Ndao MI, et al. Gut resistome development in healthy twin pairs in the first year of life. Microbiome. 2015;3:27. doi:10.1186/s40168-015-0090-9. eCollection 2015. PubMed PMID: 26113976; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4480905.

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