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Table 1 Characteristics of DMSP-degrading bacterial strains isolated from seawater samples incubated with DMSP

From: Oceanospirillales containing the DMSP lyase DddD are key utilisers of carbon from DMSP in coastal seawater

Strain Top-hit taxon identified by 16S rRNA gene sequences Reference straina Accession number of genomes from sequenced isolates Homologues in reference strain or genome from sequenced isolateb DMS production ratec MeSH productiond Growth on DMSPe Class
GY12 Litoreibacter albidus DSM 26922   dddA, dddC, prpE, acuI, acuK, dmdA, dmdB, dmdC ND Y N Alphaproteobacteria
MB12-2 Neptunicoccus sediminis CY02   dddP, prpE, acuI, acuK, dmdA, dmdB, dmdC 6 ± 2 ND N Alphaproteobacteria
GY7 Pseudophaeobacter arcticus DSM 23566   dddW, dddA, dddC, prpE, acuI, acuN, acuK, dmdA, dmdB, dmdC, dmdD 558 ± 260 ND N Alphaproteobacteria
MB12-4 Sulfitobacter pontiacus DSM 10014   dddL, dmdB, dmdC, dmdD 648 ± 153 ND N Alphaproteobacteria
GY16 Sulfitobacter pseudonitzschiae H3   dddL, dddA, dddC, prpE, acuI, acuK, dmdB, dmdC, dmdD 201 ± 40 ND N Alphaproteobacteria
D12-10 Alteromonas stellipolaris LMG 21861   dmdC 60 ± 6 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY8 Marinobacter sediminum   JAGTWY000000000 dddL, dddA, dddC, prpE, dmdB, dmdC 4560 ± 785 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
MC12-9 Marinobacter similis A3d10   dddL, dddA, prpE, acuN, acuK, dmdC 86 ± 3 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY20 Pseudoalteromonas hodoensis H7    ND Y N Gammaproteobacteria
D13-2 Cobetia amphilecti KMM 296   dddD, dddA, dddC, dddT, prpE, acuI, acuK, dmdC, tmm 1342 ± 101 ND N Gammaproteobacteria
MC13-5 Cobetia litoralis   CP073342 dddD, dddA, dddC, dddT, prpE, acuI, dmdC, tmm 1316 ± 94 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY6 Amphritea atlantica   CP073344, CP073345 dddD, prpE (2), acuI, acuK, dddB, dddC, dddT, dmdB (4), dmdC, tmm 1173 ± 208 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
D13-1 Marinobacterium rhizophilum   CP073347 dddD, dddP, prpE (2), acuI, acuN, acuK, dddA, dddB, dddC, dddT, dmdB (2), dmdC 1039 ± 21 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
MC13-7 Marinobacterium profundum PAMC 27536   dddD, dddP, dddA, dddB, dddC, dddT, prpE (2), acuI, dmdB, dmdC 1132 ± 31 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY1 Marinomonas atlantica Cmf 18.22   dddD, dddB, dddC, prpE, acuI, dmdC 59 ± 30 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
MB12-3 Marinomonas foliarum CECT 7731   dddC, acuI, dmdC 11 ± 0.4 ND N Gammaproteobacteria
MB12-11 Marinomonas rhizomae   CP073343 dddD, dddB, dddC, dddT, acuI, dmdC 500 ± 36 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
D13-4 Pseudomonas benzenivorans   CP073346 dddD, dddP, acuK, dddB, dddC, dddT, dmdB, dmdC 2462 ± 123 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY22 Pseudomonas leptonychotis CCM 8849   dddD, dddB, dddC, dddT, dmdB, dmdC 2350 ± 343 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY17 Pseudomonas taeanensis MS-3   dddD, dddP, dddB, dddC, dddT, acuI, dmdB, dmdC, tmm 829 ± 186 ND Y Gammaproteobacteria
GY15 Vibrio splendidus 10N.286.45   prpE, acuI, DMSOR ND Y Y Gammaproteobacteria
  1. aReference strain: most closely related strain with publicly available genome
  2. bNumber of prpE and dmdB genes in genomes with multiple copies are indicated in brackets
  3. cRate of DMSP-dependent DMS production expressed in nmol DMS mg protein−1 h−1
  4. dY, detectable MeSH production from DMSP. ND, not detected
  5. eY, growth on DMSP as sole carbon source (Student’s t-test, P < 0.05); N, no growth on DMSP as sole carbon source (P > 0.05)