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Table 3 Association of enteral and parenteral diseases with gut mycobiota

From: Intestinal mycobiota in health and diseases: from a disrupted equilibrium to clinical opportunities

Targets Diseases Related fungi Reference
Intestinal tract Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Basidiomycota ↑
Ascomycota ↓
S. cerevisiae
Celiac disease Candida [119, 120]
Colon cancer C. tropicalis [121, 122]
Extra-intertinal tract Lung Fluconazole induced
Allergic airway disease (AAD)
Aspergillus ↑
Wallemia ↑
Epicoccum ↑
[11, 114]
Pulmonary infection Histoplasma capsulatum [123]
Liver Cirrhosis Fungal detection ↑ [124]
Kidney (possible) Sepsis C. albicans [125, 126]
Pancreas Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) Malassezia [127]
Brain Multiple sclerosis (MS) Candida [128]
Schizophrenia (SCs) Chaetomium [129]
  1. “↑” indicates increase and “↓” indicates decrease