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Table 1 Features used in Virsorter2, VirSorter, and MARVEL. Detailed explanation of each feature is provided in the “Methods” section. In VirSorter, features 3 to 6 are summed up as one feature (% of Pfam affiliated genes)

From: VirSorter2: a multi-classifier, expert-guided approach to detect diverse DNA and RNA viruses

  VirSorter2 VirSorter MARVEL
1. Hallmark gene count x x  
2. % of viral genes x x x
3. % of archaeal genes x x  
4. % of bacterial genes x  
5. % of eukaryotic genes x  
6. % of mixed genes x  
7. % of unaligned genes x x  
8. Average gene size x x x
9. Gene overlapping frequency x   
10. Gene density x x x
11. Strand switching frequency x x x
12. % of ATG as starting codon x   x
13. % of GTG as starting codon x   
14. % of TTG as starting codon x   
15. Mean of GC content x   
16. SD of GC content x   
17–27. % of RBS motifs x