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Table 3 Overview of tested libraries: case 2 samples. For the viruses enclosed in the samples, for that no reference genomes were included in the genome set used for the VirBaits design. Sample matrix, animal species, the detected virus, and the references are given. The amount of virus reads in the sequence datasets found in the originally sequenced libraries and in the VirBaits-treated libraries is given as percentage. Libraries were made from RNA except the one marked by an asterisk, which was made from DNA

From: Next-generation diagnostics: virus capture facilitates a sensitive viral diagnosis for epizootic and zoonotic pathogens including SARS-CoV-2

Library ID Sample material Verified virus Generic HTS VirBaits Reference
Total reads Virus portion Total reads Virus portion  
L03038 Brain, Bubo scandiacus USUV 4,347,713 0.001% 155,648 0.1% Santos et al., submitted
L02262 Spinal cord, Ovis aries OvPiV 2,422,322 0.06% 261,673 0.04% [25]
L01003* Cell culture supernatant PeHV 982,587 0.6% 154.820 0.4% [26]
L02374 Organ suspension, bat KBLV 5,696,571 3.4% 508,034 89.6% [27]