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Table 2 Identification of putative DAGs encoded by Crohn’s-associated viruses

From: VIBRANT: automated recovery, annotation and curation of microbial viruses, and evaluation of viral community function from genomic sequences

ID Gene Name Crohn’s disease Healthy
PF06291.11 bor Bor protein 8 0
K22304 dicB Cell division inhibition protein 8 0
K22302 dicC Transcriptional repressor of cell division inhibition gene dicB 18 0
K18919 hokC Protein HokC/D 16 0
VOG11478 kilR Killing protein 15 0
K07804 pagC Putative virulence related protein 13 0
PF15943.5 ydaS Putative antitoxin of bacterial toxin-antitoxin system 22 0
PF06254.11 ydaT Putative bacterial toxin 18 0
VOG04806 yfdN Uncharacterized protein 19 0
VOG01357 yfdP Uncharacterized protein 11 0
VOG11472 yfdQ Uncharacterized protein 11 0
VOG01639 yfdR Uncharacterized protein 17 0
VOG01103 yfdS Uncharacterized protein 18 0
VOG16442 yfdT Uncharacterized protein 8 0
VOG00672 ymfL Uncharacterized protein 25 0
VOG21507 ymfM Uncharacterized protein 9 0
K03832 tonB periplasmic protein 3 0
  1. The differential abundance between Crohn’s disease and healthy metagenomes of 17 putative DAGs. Abundance of each gene represents non-redundant annotations or total gene copy number, from Crohn’s-associated and healthy-associated viruses