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Table 2 Cultivated shotgun metagenome sequencing statistics for each plate. Average from 2 replicates per plate

From: Cultivation-independent and cultivation-dependent metagenomes reveal genetic and enzymatic potential of microbial community involved in the degradation of a complex microbial polymer

StatisticsPlate 1Plate 2Plate 3Plate 4
Number of reads49,148,37054,247,258.558,397,85249,574,043.5
Assembled reads1.47E+101.6224E+101.75E+101.4796E+10
Number of contigs67,980,86876,125,070.582,202,17068,767,888
Number of predicted genes159,832254,727535,677479,683
KEGG (% classified ORFs)
COG (% classified ORFs)94.694.594.194.0
CAZYmes (%)
GC content (%)59.660.359.058.2