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Table 1 Study groups and the diets of the C57BL/6 J mice in the bran-enriched feed trial

From: Contribution of gut microbiota to metabolism of dietary glycine betaine in mice and in vitro colonic fermentation

Study group n Week 1–9 Week 10–18
HF 14 HF (D12451) HF (D12451)
HFLF 9 HF (D12451) LF (D12450B)
LF 10 LF (D12450B) LF (D12450B)
R1 11 HF (D12451) D12451 + unprocessed rye bran
R2 10 HF (D12451) D12451 + bioprocessed rye bran
A1 9 HF (D12451) D12451 + unprocessed wheat aleurone
A4 11 HF (D12451) D12451 + bioprocessed wheat aleurone