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Table 1 Characteristics of the six individual migrating Atlantic cod that were sequenced using shotgun sequencing with Illumina MiSeq instrument

From: Closely-related Photobacterium strains comprise the majority of bacteria in the gut of migrating Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Sample ID Sex Fish weight (kg) Fish length (cm) Digestive tract (g) Feces weight (g) Feces color Feces consistency Other obs1
MBRG-29 M 9.87 101 394 29.2 Dark yellowish green Liquid mucus Parasites
MBRG-30 F 12.07 108 381 20.0 Dark brown Semi-solid
MBRG-35 M 7.54 92 283 33.5 Light brownish green Semi-solid
MBRG-36 M 10.79 105 333 15.8 Military green Mucus
MBRG-38 F 10.81 99 414 23.1 Light brown Mucus
MBRG-44 F 11.02 97 580 81.7 Gray to light green Liquid
  1. Characteristics of the fish and feces that were sequenced with 300 bp paired-end sequencing using an Illumina Miseq instrument and the MiSeq Reagent kit v.3 (600 cycles). This table shows the ID of each fish used for the study and information about migrating Atlantic cod including the sex, weight and length, and information about the extracted feces including the weight of digestive tract and feces, feces color, and consistency
  2. 1The presence of parasite was recorded under “other observations”