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Fig. 3

From: Insights into the ecology, evolution, and metabolism of the widespread Woesearchaeotal lineages

Fig. 3

Effects of environmental factors on the distribution and evolutionary diversity of Woesearchaeotal lineages. a Heatmap plotting the abundance and distribution of each subgroup across 95 libraries/studies with more than 10 representative sequences of Woesearchaeota. The abundance of Woesearchaeota is relative to the total archaea sequences in the corresponding library/study. Biotope type and oxic status are expressed by colored nodes which are shown under each leaf of the cluster. b Principle component analysis (PCA) based on Bray-Curtis distances comparing the influences of four environmental parameters. Correlations between environmental parameters and PCA axes are represented by the length and angle of arrows. c Ancestral state reconstruction (ASR) of oxic status for Woesearchaeota. Pie charts on the nodes show the relative likelihoods of the two states: oxic (white) and anoxic (blue). Bar charts on the right indicate the current oxic state for Woesearchaeotal OTUs (at a 97% cutoff)

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