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Fig. 2

From: Insights into the ecology, evolution, and metabolism of the widespread Woesearchaeotal lineages

Fig. 2

Phylogeny of 26 proposed subgroups of Woesearchaeota. a Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree of Woesearchaeota based on 663 representative 16S rRNA gene sequences (> 800 bp) dereplicated at a 97% cutoff. Subgroups from Woese-1 to Woese-26 are colored within the corresponding leaves in the tree. Uncolored leaves identify sequences not assigned to any subgroup (that is, ungrouped). Outer colored circles indicate sequence origin, as follows: circle I: anoxic (dark gray), oxic (light gray); and circle II: non-saline (ice blue), saline (sky blue), hypersaline (red). Tree was drawn using the web-based interactive tree of life. The full SSU rRNA gene tree is available in result format as Additional file 2: Dataset S1. b Coverage and similarity of each subgroup for the total of 3584 sequences (> 600 bp) of Woesearchaeota (Additional file 4: Dataset S3). The minimum intra-group similarity (%) is listed on the top of bar for the corresponding subgroup

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