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Table 4 List of 25 promising natural product compounds isolated from octocorals, showing the diversity of chemical compounds with various pharmaceutically relevant activities produced by a range of different octocoral species

From: Host-microbe interactions in octocoral holobionts - recent advances and perspectives

Activity Compound Chemical Origin Region Ref
Anti-inflammatory Austrasulfone Sulfone Cladiella australis Taiwan [258]
Simplexin E Diterpenoid Klyxum simplex Taiwan [259]
Crassumolides A and C Terpenoid Lobophytum crassum Taiwan [260]
Ergostanoids 1 and 3 Ergostanoid Nephthea erecta Taiwan [261]
Paralemnolin Q and S Sesquiterpenoid Paralemnalia thyrsoides Taiwan [262]
Lobocrassin B Cembranoid Lobophytum crassum Taiwan [263]
Antitumor Polyoxygenated gorgosterol (2–4) Steroid Isis hippuris Japan [264]
Clavulones Prostanoid Clavularia viridis Taiwan [265]
Bis(pseudopterane) amine Dialkylamine Antillogorgia acerosa Bahamas [266]
Klysimplexin B and H Diterpenoid Klyxum simplex Taiwan [267]
13-acetoxysarcophytoxide Cembranoid Lobophytum crassum Taiwan [268]
Capilloquinol Farnesyl quinoid Sinularia capillosa Taiwan [269]
Antimicrobial Curcuphenol Terpenoid Antillogorgia rigida USA [270]
Lipids Polyketide Sinularia sp. Russia [271]
Pseudopterosin X Diterpenoid Antillogorgia elisabethae USA [272]
Antiviral Durumolide Q Cembranoid Lobophytum durum Taiwan [273]
Lobohedleolide Diterpenoid Lobophytum sp. Philippines [274]
Antituberculosis Bipinnapterolide Terpenoid Antillogorgia bipinnata USA [275]
Homopseudopteroxazole Diterpenoid Antillogorgia elisabethae USA [276]
Antimalaria Aberrarone Diterpenoid Antillogorgia elisabethae Colombia [277]
Dolabellane Diterpenoid Eunicea sp. Colombia [278]
Anti-fouling Homarine Pyridine Leptogorgia setacea USA [279]
11-episinulariolide Diterpenoid Sinularia flexibilis Australia [280]
Isogosterones A–D Steroid Dendronephthya sp. Japan [281]
3β-methoxyguaian-10(14)-en-2β-ol Sesquiterpenoid Echinogorgia pseudosassapo Taiwan [282]