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Fig. 2 | Microbiome

Fig. 2

From: The lung tissue microbiota of mild and moderate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Fig. 2

Bronchial and lung tissue microbiota contain two- to fourfold fewer 16S rRNA gene copies than oral and nasal microbiota. Results of 16S rRNA gene qPCR for each sample were determined. 16S rRNA gene copy data were grouped by site. Bronchial and lung tissue microbiota 16S rRNA gene copy numbers were similar. The generalized estimating equations demonstrated an overall p < 0.001. Paired t tests with Holm correction demonstrated that all pairwise tests were significant with the exception of the bronchial-peripheral lung comparison. The oral-nasal comparison resulted in p = 0.004 (**), with the remaining significant comparisons demonstrating p values of < 0.001(***)

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