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Table 1 M. lucifugus hibernaculum sites information in Manitoba and Québec provinces

From: Enrichment of beneficial bacteria in the skin microbiota of bats persisting with white-nose syndrome

Sites Province Hibernaculum Rock Pre-WNS count Total count 2015–2016 Sampling dates
Abyss Manitoba Cave Dolomite NA 399 08/02/2016
Dale’s Manitoba Cave Dolomite NA 385 08/02/2016
Microwave Manitoba Cave Dolomite NA 30 09/02/2016
Emerald Québec Mine Pyroxenite 735a 18 04/03/2016
Laflèche Québec Cave Calcite 450a 155 23/11/2015
Lames Québec Cave Calcite Unknownb 105 24/11/2015
  1. a2009–2010
  2. bFirst count of 96 bats was in 2012–2013, after the arrival of WNS in the area