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Table 2 Experimental Design: Experiment 1. C57BL/6 genetically wild-type mice with humanized (Hu) or conventional (Conv) microbiota were inoculated with TSB, C. jejuni 260.94, or C. jejuni 11168 and subjected to specific pathogen-free (SPF) handling for the duration of the experiment; 7 weeks post-inoculation

From: Transplanted human fecal microbiota enhanced Guillain Barré syndrome autoantibody responses after Campylobacter jejuni infection in C57BL/6 mice

Group Genotype Microbiota Inoculum # of mice
Hu-TSB C57BL/6 Humanized TSB 10
Hu-260.94 C57BL/6 Humanized C. jejuni 260.94 10
Hu-11168 C57BL/6 Humanized C. jejuni 11168 10
Conv-TSB C57BL/6 Murine TSB 10
Conv-260.94 C57BL/6 Murine C. jejuni 260.94 10
Conv-11168 C57BL/6 Murine C. jejuni 11168 10