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Table 1 Demographic and sample collection information for four study subjects

From: The daily dynamics of cystic fibrosis airway microbiota during clinical stability and at exacerbation

Subject Age Gender CFTR mutation % FEV 1 a Most abundant OTU at baseline Number of samples
A 46 F ΔF508/N1303K 68 Staphylococcus 20
B 31 F ΔF508/not identified 75 Burkholderia 27
C 37 F ΔF508/ΔF508 88 Streptococcus 26
D 20 F ΔF508/ΔF508 55 Burkholderia 22
  1. aMost recent measurement of percent predicted forced expiratory volume in 1 s. Patient A, 26 days prior to sample day 1; patient B, sample day 27; patient C, 7 days prior to sample day 1; patient D, sample day 14.