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Table 3 Correlation coefficient of pairwise comparison of gene coverage across communities for mycobacteriophage Gumball and Porky

From: Caught in the middle with multiple displacement amplification: the myth of pooling for avoiding multiple displacement amplification bias in a metagenome

  Pearson’s correlation coefficient
  Treatments Single MDA Pooled MDA
Gumball-1 Single MDA 0.92 0.88
  Pooled MDA 0.90 0.89
  Treatments Single MDA Pooled MDA
Porky-1 Single MDA 0.86 0.85
  Pooled MDA 0.84 0.88
  1. Comparisons were of average coverage for each predicted gene in a genome.
  2. P < 0.0001. MDA, multiple displacement amplification.