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Table 1 A list of resources

From: Harnessing microbiome and probiotic research in sub-Saharan Africa: recommendations from an African workshop

MIMARKS provides standards on how to collect and record data
Examples available at:
Register (free, 2-minute process) then retrieve hundreds of examples.
Tools ‘Omics’ data requires bioinformatic pipelines: QIIME, Mothur, LEfSe, MetaPhlAn, USEARCH, UPARSE, PandaSeq, and others. They are relatively complicated and non-intuitive, but the following sites are particularly helpful:
QIIME forum:!forum/qiime-forum
Local clusters As ‘Omics’ tools require computational power, it may be feasible to have a local cluster through AWS Educational Grants:, or partner with a bioinformatics lab such as via Project Rosalind: and Project Euler:
Sample collection and processing protocols, bioinformatics pipelines and technical information EMP:
QIIME/Mothur workshops online as above, and distance workshops such as:
QIIME tutorials:
Software Carpentry:
NGS overviews:
Open courses Open courses are also available: Coursera:, such as Biostatistics boot camp, Machine learning, Bioinformatics methods with an MIT site being helpful.