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Table 4 Redox states of metals with metallo-enzymes and their specific catalytic functions

From: Metal(loid) speciation and transformation by aerobic methanotrophs

Metal Redox state Enzymes Class of catalysis by enzyme
Copper Cu (II), Cu (I) Most copper-containing enzymes (e.g. Cytochromes) Electron transfer, ferrous oxidase, amine oxidase
Iron Fe (II), Fe (III),
Fe (IV), Fe (V)
Peroxidase, catalase
Electron transfer, Oxidation
Molybdenum Mo (III) to Mo (VI) Nitrogenase, Aldehyde oxidase Oxidation
Cobalt Co (I)?, Co (II), Co (III) B12- requiring enzymes Carbonic anhydrase
Manganese Mn (III) to Mn (IV)? Photosynthetic enzymes Superoxide dismutase, oxidase
Chromium Cr (VI) to Cr (III) Dehydrogenase Oxidoreductases