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Table 1 The detailed information of the 22 SNPs

From: Candidate probiotic Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HNU082 rapidly and convergently evolves within human, mice, and zebrafish gut but differentially influences the resident microbiome

SNP ID Location Aa Alt Gene ID MT AAC Gene name Biological process Protein annotation
SNP01 63020 C A Gene0056 N Q86H HP NA Transposase
SNP10 695080 T C Gene0658 N S194P hcaR Transcription regulation Transcriptional activator for 3-phenylpropionic acid catabolism
SNP22 1283071 A G Gene1205 N L186S HP NA Hypothetical protein
SNP23 1338981 A C Gene1257 N D484E ram2 Protein farnesylation Bacterial alpha-L-rhamnosidase 6 hairpin glycosidase
SNP27 1589637 G T Gene1470 N L827M trePP Carbohydrate metabolic process Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphorylase
SNP28 1590767 T G Gene1470 N D450A trePP Carbohydrate metabolic process Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphorylase
SNP32 1861048 T C Gene1717 S T164T yagU Response to acidic pH Inner membrane protein response to acidic
SNP41 2799363 A G Gene2601 S E328E spa Virulence Immunoglobulin G-binding protein
SNP43 2854610 A C Gene2651 N D202A gor Glutathione metabolic process Glutathione reductase
SNP47 3007289 T G Gene2804 S A96A int4 DNA integration Transposase
SNP46 3007122 T G Gene2804 N S41A int4 DNA integration Transposase
SNP50 3212834 T G Gene3003 N F99L ybhF Transport ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
SNP51 3213000 G T Gene3003 N V155L ybhF Transport ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
SNP55 3310964 C T Gene3110 N G130S tnp2PF3 Transposition Transposase
SNP56 3311024 T C Gene3110 N T110A tnp2PF3 Transposition Transposase
SNP57 3311155 A C Gene3110 N V66G tnp2PF3 Transposition Transposase
SNP58 3311174 T C Gene3110 N N60D tnp2PF3 Transposition Transposase
SNP60 3311545 T C Gene3111 N K35E tnp2PF3 Transposition Transposase
SNP59 3311468 G A Gene3111 S S60S tnp2PF3 Transposition Transposase
SNP61 1976363 A G NA NA NA NA NA NA
SNP62 1976367 G T NA NA NA NA NA NA
SNP71 3271378 G T NA NA NA NA NA NA
  1. “Aa” represented the original single nucleotide; “Alt” represented the mutated single nucleotide; “MT” represented mutation type, synonymous mutations or non-synonymous mutations; “AAC” represented amino acid changes