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Table 1 Site, pH and temperature ranges, and water chemistry of studied geothermal settings, including collected sample type and studied data type

From: Genomic adaptations enabling Acidithiobacillus distribution across wide-ranging hot spring temperatures and pHs

Site pH range Temperature range (°C) Water chemistry Sample type Data type
Tikitere 3.60–7.50 17.5–73.8 Acid-sulfate-bicarbonate Sinter, sediment WGS, 16S
Parariki Stream 1.00–2.14 33.4–77.0 Acid-sulfate-chloride Sinter, sediment WGS, 16S
Rotokawa 1.73–2.94 22.7–80.1 Acid-sulfate-chloride Sinter, sediment WGS, 16S
Te Kopia 2.14–2.22 43.6–92.9 Acid-sulfate Sinter WGS, 16S
Orange Spring 1.80–2.65 35.4–91.5 Acid-sulfate Sinter 16S
Wai-O-Tapu 2.51–5.70 32.4–92.9 Acid-sulfate-chloride Sediment WGS, 16S
  1. WGS = Whole genome sequencing, 16S = 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing