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Table 6 Summary of performance. Comparison of the performance of the tools on each of the datasets. When multiple samples were tested, the number of samples appears in parentheses, and average performance is reported. For the parallel samples results are for the evaluation of the metagenome based on the plasmidome, and precision and recall are plasmidome read-based. Unless otherwise stated, F1 score is used. Note that in the simulations, SCAPP mpSpades

From: SCAPP: an algorithm for improved plasmid assembly in metagenomes

Test Ranking
Simulations (7) SCAPP > Recycler > mpSpades
Human gut metagenomes (20) SCAPP mpSpades > Recycler
Plasmidome SCAPP > Recycler mpSpades
Parallel: within tool mpSpades > SCAPP Recycler
Parallel: “overall”, across tools SCAPP > Recycler > mpSpades
Parallel: precision SCAPP ≈ mpSpades Recycler
P arallel: recall Recycler > mpSpades ≈ SCAPP