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Fig. 5

From: Self-reinoculation with fecal flora changes microbiota density and composition leading to an altered bile-acid profile in the mouse small intestine

Fig. 5

Bile acid profiles in gallbladder bile and in lumenal contents along the entire GIT. a Total bile acid levels (conjugated and unconjugated; primary and secondary) and b the fraction of unconjugated bile acids in gallbladder bile and throughout the GIT (STM stomach; SI1 upper third of the small intestine (SI), SI2 middle third of the SI, SI3 lower third of the SI roughly corresponding to the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum respectively; CEC cecum; COL colon). In all plots, individual data points are overlaid onto box-and-whisker plots; whiskers extend from the quartiles (Q2 and Q3) to the last data point within 1.5 × interquartile range (IQR). Multiple comparisons were performed using the Kruskal–Wallis test; pairwise comparisons were performed using the Wilcoxon–Mann–Whitney test with FDR correction. N = 6 mice per group

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