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Table 2 Determinants of beta diversity. Results of PERMANOVA testing for the predictors that significantly structure the gut microbiome of geladas, using 10,000 permutations and the Aitchison dissimilarity distance between samples. The R-squared values indicate the amount of between-sample variation explained by each variable.

From: Seasonal shifts in the gut microbiome indicate plastic responses to diet in wild geladas

Factor R2 (%) p value
Individuala 20.25 < 0.001
Sequencing depthb 3.77 < 0.001
Unitb 5.84 < 0.001
Cumulative rainfallb 3.30 < 0.001
Minimum temperatureb 0.33 < 0.001
Sexb 0.23 0.012
Ageb 0.19 0.045
  1. aWe first fit a model with individual identity as the only predictor in a PERMANOVA to estimate the sole effect of individual identity at explaining the overall gut composition of samples
  2. bWe then fit a second PERMANOVA model where all other predictors were fit, stratifying on individual identity to control for pseudoreplication of samples from the same individual