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Table 4 Proficiency test samples with information on viruses contained and found after VirBaits treatment and dataset size

From: Next-generation diagnostics: virus capture facilitates a sensitive viral diagnosis for epizootic and zoonotic pathogens including SARS-CoV-2

Sample number Sample matrix provided Sample details Total reads Virus contained Virus found VirBaits Virus portion
X1 Animal sample with TRIzol Spleen of ASFV-infected wild boar 644,441 ASFV ASFV 0.01%
X2 Animal sample with TRIzol Saliva sample of FMDV-infected cattle 23,870 FMDV FMDV 72%
X3 Extracted RNA RVFV vaccine strain MP-12 with Vero 76 cells 24,022 RVFV RVFV 98%
  NiV 0.5%
X4 Extracted RNA Mix of RNA (10 μl each) of Ebolavirus, Marburgvirus, Nipah henipavirus 256,408 NiV NiV 45%
EOV EOV 0.6%
Marburgvirus Marburgvirus 0.05%
X5 Cells with TRIzol African green monkey kidney cells 269,701 None None 0%