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Table 3 mNGS and r(RT-)PCR results of 7 patients with clinically unrecognized viral sequences

From: Unmasking viral sequences by metagenomic next-generation sequencing in adult human blood samples during steroid-refractory/dependent graft-versus-host disease

  Viral species detected with mNGS Viral species confirmed with r(RT)-PCR assays
Patient’s code Virus Plasma, n (pos/total) Time period (days) Estimated viral load (mean log10 copies/ml plasma or CT values) Other positive biological specimen
Ge02 HPyV7 14/14 279 4.75 BM, BAL
Ge05 Usutu virus 2/5 7 4.66
Ge07 Cutavirus 6/10 98 37.9 Skin
Ge09 Bufavirus 6/12 81 3.73 Stools, duodenum
Ge12 Novel human astrovirus MLB2 2/6 14 3.24 Intestine, colon, BM
Ge14 Rubella virus 3/5 39 37.9
Classic human astrovirus 5/11 25 5.56
HPyV6 11/11 74 3.76
Ge22 Rubella virus 2/8 3 36.7
  1. Pos/total corresponds to the number of positive samples on the total of screened samples. Time period corresponds to the time period during which samplings were found positive. CT values above 40 were considered negative. CT values are indicated in italics
  2. Abbreviations: BM bone marrow, BAL bronchoalveolar lavage, CT cycle threshold