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Table 2 PerMANOVAs by compartment testing for the effects of soil origin (Corsica or France) and plant genotype on bacterial community composition. PerMANOVA tests are based on a Bray-Curtis dissimilarity matrix using an iterative subsampling of a depth of 1500 sequences (1000 iterations) per sample. Pseudo-F test statistics, degrees of freedom, and P values are presented, and significant tests are displayed in bold and in italics

From: Soil origin and plant genotype structure distinct microbiome compartments in the model legume Medicago truncatula

Test Soil origin Pseudo-Fdf Soil origin P value Genotype Pseudo-Fdf Genotype P value
Rhizosphere F1,28 = 4.838 0.001 F2,27 = 0.762 0.679
Root F1,28 = 1.006 0.374 F2,27 = 1.982 0.026
Nodule F1,27 = 1.057 0.330 F2,67 = 0.506 0.941
Leaf F1,28 = 0.501 0.801 F2,27 = 1.052 0.411