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Table 1 Overview of the higher termite species included in this study

From: Compositional and functional characterisation of biomass-degrading microbial communities in guts of plant fibre- and soil-feeding higher termites

Sample Speciesa Subfamily Feeding habitb Metatranscriptomics
“Plant fibre feeders” [sound lignocellulose]
N.sim_1 Nasutitermes similis Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.sim_2 Nasutitermes similis Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.sim_3 Nasutitermes similis Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.sim_4 Nasutitermes similis Nasutitermitinae Wood +
N.sp_1 Nasutitermes sp. Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.eph_1 Nasutitemes ephratae Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.eph_2 Nasutitemes ephratae Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.eph_3 Nasutitemes ephratae Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.eph_4 Nasutitemes ephratae Nasutitermitinae Wood Cortaritermes intermedius Nasutitermitinae Litter/grass  
N.oct Nasutitermes octopilis Nasutitermitinae Wood  
N.sp_2 Nasutitermes sp. Nasutitermitinae Wood +
C.cav Constrictotermes cavifrons Nasutitermitinae Microepiphytes/wood +
M.sp_1 Microcerotermes sp. Termitinae Wood  
M.sp_2 Microcerotermes sp. Termitinae Wood +
“Soil feeders” [humified lignocellulose]
C.pug Cornitermes pugnax Syntermitinae Litter/decayed wood +
C.tub_1 Cavitermes tuberosus Termitinae Humus  
C.tub_2 Cavitermes tuberosus Termitinae Humus  
C.tub_3 Cavitermes tuberosus Termitinae Humus  
L.lab_1 Labiotermes labralis Termitinae Soil  
L.lab_2 Labiotermes labralis Termitinae Soil  
L.lab_3 Labiotermes labralis Termitinae Soil  
L.lab_4 Labiotermes labralis Termitinae Soil +
E.neo_1 Embiratermes neotenicus Syntermitinae Humus +
E.neo_2 Embiratermes neotenicus Syntermitinae Humus  
E.neo_3 Embiratermes neotenicus Syntermitinae Humus  
C.ang Cyrilliotermes angulariceps Syntermitinae Humus +
S.hey_1 Silvestritermes heyeri Syntermitinae Soil +
S.hey_2 Silvestritermes heyeri Syntermitinae Soil  
S.hey_3 Silvestritermes heyeri Syntermitinae Soil  
S.hey_4 Silvestritermes heyeri Syntermitinae Soil  
S.min Silvestritermes minutus Syntermitinae Soil  
A.cin Aparatermes cingulatus Apicotermitinae Humus  
A.ban_1 Anoplotermes banksi Apicotermitinae Humus  
A.ban_2 Anoplotermes banksi Apicotermitinae Humus +
N.tar_1 Neocapritermes taracua Termitinae Humus +
N.tar_2 Neocapritermes taracua Termitinae Humus  
T.fat_1 Termes fatalis Termitinae Humus  
T.fat_2 Termes fatalis Termitinae Humus  
T.fat_3 Termes fatalis Termitinae Humus  
S.sp Syntermes sp. Syntermitinae Litter  
  1. aSpecies were classified based on the closest match identified in the NCBI repository
  2. bFeeding habit was defined following [16,17,18]