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Table 4 Genome characteristics for the 4 metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) obtained in this study

From: Cultivation-independent and cultivation-dependent metagenomes reveal genetic and enzymatic potential of microbial community involved in the degradation of a complex microbial polymer

Taxonomy (closest hit)Burkholderiaceae 95% (Paraburkholderia 86%)Neisseriaceae 42% (Amantichitinum: 42%)Rhodanobacteraceae 77%Neisseriaceae: 42% (Amantichitinum 42%)
Length (Mb)
Completeness (%)83.279.699.787.5
Contamination (%)4.763.922.445
GC (%)62575957
Number of predicted genes7126358042804552
Hits to protein database
KEGG %90.196.879.293.8
COG %85.385.180.284
DBcan n (%)279 (3.9)141 (3.9)210 (4.9)180 (4.0)