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Table 1 SIP shotgun metagenomics sequencing statistics for each treatment. Average from 4 replicates

From: Cultivation-independent and cultivation-dependent metagenomes reveal genetic and enzymatic potential of microbial community involved in the degradation of a complex microbial polymer

StatisticsUnamended ControlEPS amended“Heavy” fraction
Number of reads1,590,0461,591,4471,509,247
Number of contigs82,370.2578,474.592,521.75
Longest contig (bp)2,6513,645.259,414.75
Mapping (%)18.419.632.9
Number of ORFs96,14191,272115,023.3
  1. Unamended Control incubation without WH15EPS, EPS amended incubation containing 12C-WH15EPS, “Heavy” fraction, “heavy” fraction of incubations containing 13C-WH15EPS