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Table 1 Culture conditions for isolating organisms

From: Isolation and characterization of diverse microbial representatives from the human skin microbiome

TargetMediaTemperatureSpecial conditionsLeading number in isolate ID 1Research participant(s)
AerobesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)Room temp.Aerobic0All
AerobesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)37 °CAerobic160, 63, 66, 70
AnaerobesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)37 °CAnaerobic3260, 63, 66, 70
Slow growersR2A (BD Biosciences)Room temp.Aerobic463, 66, 70
LactobacilliMRS (Difco)Room temp.Aerobic663, 66, 70
FungiPDA (BD Biosciences)Room temp.Aerobic563, 66, 70
SporesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)Room temp.4 h incubation in 70% EtOH, aerobic763, 66, 70
Anaerobic sporesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)37 °C4 h incubation in 70% EtOH, anaerobic3866, 70
CapnophilesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)37 °CAerobic + 5% CO2360
Gram-negativeMacConkeyRoom temp.Aerobic, dark670
HalophilesMedium for halophilic bacteria2Room temp.10% NaCl, aerobic370
Anaerobic halophilesMedium for halophilic bacteria237 °C10% NaCl, anaerobic3970
Deep skin aerobesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)37 °CTape strips #5 and #10, aerobicTS5, TS1070
Deep skin anaerobesBlood agar (Hardy Diagnostics)37 °CTape strips #5 and #10, anaerobic3TS5a, TS10a70
  1. 1For example, FM060_X01 represents the first isolate from the forehead site (FM) from research participants # 60, where X is the leading number
  2. 2DSMZ 73 media, 10 g/L casamino acids (Sigma), 10 g/L yeast extract (Sigma), 100 g/L NaCl, pH7.0 [37]
  3. 3Anaerobic conditions were obtained using the BD GasPak EZ system (Fisher Scientific)