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Table 1 Effects of strain EGB solid culture application on the disease incidences of cucumber Fusarium wilt, and quantities of strains FOC and EGB in soil surrounding cucumber roots

From: A predatory myxobacterium controls cucumber Fusarium wilt by regulating the soil microbial community

Treatments15th day27th dayFusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum (FOC)Corallococcus sp. EGB
Disease incidence (%)Biocontrol efficiency (%)Disease incidence (%)Biocontrol efficiency (%)Ct valueLog10 Copies g−1 soilCt valueLog10 Copies g−1 soil
NT33.1 ± 0.34a32.9 ± 0.06a
EGB31.7 ± 0.54b24.3 ± 0.70d6.09 ± 0.18a
EGBFOC15.5 ± 2.1b67.414.3 ± 0.0b79.630.2 ± 0.41c4.53 ± 0.12b26.3 ± 0.45c5.56 ± 0.12b
FOC47.6 ± 5.5a70.2 ± 4.1a25.3 ± 0.12d5.91 ± 0.03a30.6 ± 0.79b4.42 ± 0.21c
  1. Note: In greenhouse experiment, each treatment had three repeats and the data represent the means and standard deviations (mean ± SD) from three replications. In the same column, values designated with the same letters were not significantly different (p ≤ 0.05) according to Duncan’s test. NT, no FOC or strain EGB solid culture; EGB, strain EGB solid culture only; EGBFOC, both FOC and EGB solid culture; FOC, FOC only