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Table 3 Redundancy analyses for determination of percent variation in the lung microbiota, core taxa and satellite taxa explained by significant clinical and geographical distance variables between centres

From: Lung function and microbiota diversity in cystic fibrosis

 MicrobiotaCore taxaSatellite taxa
Var. Exp (%)pseudo-FP (adj)Var. Exp (%)pseudo-FP (adj)Var. Exp (%)pseudo-FP (adj)
 Ceftazidime      1.420.008
Clinical status      11.40.022
CFTR genotype      11.60.007
 PCNM3      11.40.036
Clinical25.0  27.0  17.3  
Distance      3.8  
Total25.0  27.0  21.1  
  1. Principle coordinates neighbour matrices (PCNM) were used as potential explanatory values of distance between CF centres. Var. Exp (%) the percentage of microbiota variation explained by a parameter given the redundancy analysis. P(adj) adjusted significance value following false discovery rate correction. Clinical status is stable or in treatment for acute pulmonary exacerbation