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Table 2 Negative correlations between antibiotic resistance gene expression and bacterial taxa

From: Characterization of antibiotic resistance and host-microbiome interactions in the human upper respiratory tract during influenza infection

Antibiotic resistance genesaTaxa (negative associations)P valuesCorrelation values
Beta-lactamsg_Staphylococcus0.047− 0.04
g_Aerococcus< 0.0005− 0.04
f_Rhodobacteraceae0.021− 0.04
MLSg_Aeromicrobium0.030− 0.13
g_Staphylococcus0.005− 0.06
f_Peptostreptococcaceae0.045− 0.11
Tetracyclinesg_Kocuria0.049− 0.07
g_Staphylococcus0.001− 0.05
g_Mycoplasma0.001− 0.10
  1. af_ and g_ indicate whether the taxonomic assignment was made at the family or genus level, respectively