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Table 2 Statistics of metagenomes assembled from the heavy fraction of methanol-enriched rhizosphere and unplanted soils

From: Impact of plants on the diversity and activity of methylotrophs in soil

# contigs (≥ 0 bp)11514141251579981758
# contigs (≥ 1000 bp)195697192658106074
Total length (≥ 0 bp)934363676922084398616537133
Total length (≥ 1000 bp)456772046392066999186491273
Total length717825918682211092415542434
GC (%)63.964.5865.92
  1. The quality of metagenomes were analysed using the program QUAST. The metagenomes were produced by shotgun sequencing of 13C-labelled DNA extracted from methanol-enriched wheat rhizosphere soil (wheat), pea plant rhizosphere soil (pea) and unplanted soil (CF) incubated from 13C-labelled methanol for 17 days
  2. 1N50 is the length for which the collection of all contigs of that length or longer covers at least half an assembly
  3. 2L50 is the number of contigs equal to or longer than N50