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Table 1 Number of OTUs in sequenced mxaF and xoxF amplicons produced from DNA extracted from soil

From: Impact of plants on the diversity and activity of methylotrophs in soil

Gene Soil environment Sequencing platform Number of OTUs
xoxF1 Unplanted Roche 454 4
xoxF2 Unplanted Sanger 1
xoxF3 Unplanted Sanger 6
xoxF5 Unplanted Roche 454 13
xoxF5 Pea rhizosphere Roche 454 19
xoxF5 Wheat rhizosphere Roche 454 14
mxaF Unplanted Roche 454 4
mxaF Pea rhizosphere Roche 454 4
  1. Amplicons were produced from DNA samples from unplanted soil, pea rhizosphere soil and wheat rhizosphere soil and analysed by either 454 amplicon sequencing or Sanger sequencing. OTUs were produced using an 80% identity clustering threshold