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Table 1 Potential rates1,2 of methane utilisation by environmental samples

From: Novel facultative Methylocella strains are active methane consumers at terrestrial natural gas seeps

Substrate gas Pipe Creek Andreiasu Everlasting Fire
13C-methane 34.41 (± 9.53) 38.33 (± 0.16)
12C-methane 44.84 (± 3.39) 38.25 (± 3.58)
  1. 1Values (μmol methane per gram of fresh sample per day) are calculated based on the methane consumed by fresh environmental samples incubated in lab scale microcosms (120 ml sealed serum vials) with 13C-methane or 12C-methane injected into the headspace (1%, v/v)
  2. 2Average values of biological duplicates (± standard error of means) are presented