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Fig. 3

From: Long-read metagenomic exploration of extrachromosomal mobile genetic elements in the human gut

Fig. 3

Quantitative analysis of eMGEs in the IGCJ dataset. a Average ratios of metagenomic reads mapped to non-redundant eMGE clusters. Error bars represent standard mean errors. b Average ratios of reads mapped to three classes of eMGEs. Newly identified eMGEs, known eMGEs present, and known eMGEs absent in this study are shown by blue, orange, and grey, respectively. c Heatmap of the abundance of eMGE clusters in the IGCJ dataset. The abundance is the number of reads mapped to eMGEs normalised by length. Colour shades show the degree of abundance of the eMGEs; red indicates relatively high abundance, while blue indicates relatively low abundance. Three classes of eMGEs are also shown by three colours, blue, green, and red, respectively (also see Additional file 2: Table S10)

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