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Table 1 Results of the PERMANOVA test analyzing the effects of season, sampling date, contact with soil, and inoculation factors. Factors were tested with adonis2 function of the vegan package. PERMANOVAs were performed with all tested factors together, with “margin” option

From: Differential dynamics of microbial community networks help identify microorganisms interacting with residue-borne pathogens: the case of Zymoseptoria tritici in wheat

  Tested factors Explicated variability p value
Fungi July Season 0.197 0.001
Inoculation 0.333 0.001
Oct–Dec–Feb Season 0.217 0.001
Sampling date 0.136 0.001
Contact with soil 0.096 0.001
Inoculation 0.012 0.001
Bacteria July Season - * - *
Inoculation 0.115 0.001
Oct–Dec–Feb Season 0.128 0.001
Sampling date 0.168 0.001
Contact with soil 0.195 0.001
Inoculation 0.006 0.001
  1. *Not tested. Due to the larger proportion of chloroplast sequences among the 16S rRNA gene products obtained from living plant tissues compared to dead tissues, all samples from July 2017 were removed from the analysis