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Table 3 Sample collection, metadata, and total number of reads for all validation samples

From: NanoARG: a web service for detecting and contextualizing antimicrobial resistance genes from nanopore-derived metagenomes

Samples Biome Sample labels Number of reads Reference Type of sample
Hong Kong activated sludge Wastewater HK_AS 3,307,368 This study Complex microbial community
Hong Kong influent Wastewater HK_INF 2,724,813 This study Complex microbial community
Switzerland influent Wastewater CHE_INF 687,835 This study Complex microbial community
India activated sludge Wastewater IND_INF 1,925,639 This study Complex microbial community
Artic glacier extreme metagenome Glacier GEM 344,966 Edwards, 2016 Complex microbial community
Heavily infected urine Human associated HIU 36,510 Schmidt, 2017 Enriched microbial community
Hospital fecal sample Human associated HFS 67,658 van der Helm, 2017 Enriched microbial community
Lettuce spiked Salmonella Plant surface LSS 211,806 Hyeon, 2018 Enriched microbial community