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Table 1 Overview of primary and secondary bile acids. VMH Virtual Metabolic Human database ( [16]. AGORA, a compendium of 818 curated genome-scale gut microbial metabolic reconstructions used in this study.

From: Systematic assessment of secondary bile acid metabolism in gut microbes reveals distinct metabolic capabilities in inflammatory bowel disease

Name Abbreviation VMH ID Type Producer
Taurocholate Tauro-CA tchola Primary/conjugated Human
Glycocholate Glyco-CA gchola
Taurochenodeoxycholate Tauro-CDCA tdchola
Glycochenodeoxycholate Glyco-CDCA dgchol
Cholate CA cholate Primary/unconjugated Human; released by 185/818 AGORA strains
Chenodeoxycholate CDCA C02528
12-dehydrocholate 12-dehydro-CA 12dhchol Secondary 38/818 AGORA strains
7-ketodeoxycholate 7-keto-CA 7ocholate 41/818 AGORA strains
7-dehydrochenodeoxy-cholate 7-dehydro-CDCA 7dhcdchol
3-dehydrocholate 3-dehydro-CA 3dhchol 16/818 AGORA strains
3-dehydrochenodeoxy-cholate 3-dehydro-CDCA 3dhcdchol
Isocholate Iso-CA isochol 11/818 AGORA strains
Isochenodeoxycholate Iso-CDCA icdchol
Lithocholate LCA HC02191 5/818 AGORA strains
Deoxycholate DCA dchac
Allolithocholate allo-LCA alchac
Allodeoxycholate allo-DCA adchac
Ursocholate UCA uchol 3/818 AGORA strains
Ursodeoxycholate UDCA HC02194