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Table 1 List of maize parental lines and their mutants in the W22 genetic background with gene insertions [18]

From: Maize synthesized benzoxazinoids affect the host associated microbiome

Name Ds insertion lines Genotype Maize gene ID Gene mutation
W22_2 T43 Parental line T43 2008 --
bx1 W22_2 B.W06.0775 Mutant GRMZM2G085381 bx1::Ds
bx6 W22_2 I.S07.0479 Mutant GRMZM6G617209 bx6::Ds
W22_1 a1-m3 Parental line KA08-277 -
bx2 W22_1 I.S07.3472 Mutant GRMZM2G085661 bx2::Ds