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Table 1 Regions of Interest from the Destrieux and Harvard-Oxford Atlas

From: Evidence for an association of gut microbial Clostridia with brain functional connectivity and gastrointestinal sensorimotor function in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, based on tripartite network analysis

Region Description Abbreviation
Primary somatosensory cortex (S1) Postcentral gyrus PosCG
Postcentral sulcus PosCS
Central sulcus CS
Secondary somatosensory cortex (S2) Subcentral gyrus (central operculum) and sulcus SbCG_S
Primary motor cortex (M1) Precentral gyrus PRCG
Inferior part of the precentral sulcus InfPrCS
Superior part of the precentral sulcus SupPrCs
Supplementary motor area (M2/SMA) Superior frontal gyrus SupFG
Superior frontal sulcus SupFS
Anterior/middle insula (a/mINS) Superior segment of the circular sulcus of the insula SupCirInS
Middle/posterior insula (m/pINS) Long insular gyrus and central sulcus of the insula LoInG_CInS
Inferior segment of the circular sulcus of the insula InfCirInS
Posterior insula (pINS) Posterior ramus of the lateral sulcus PosLS
Basal ganglia Putamen Pu
Caudate nucleus CaN
Nucleus accumbens NAcc
Globus pallidus Pal
Thalamus Thalamus Tha